Simposio Argentino de Tecnología

Argentine Symposium on Technology

AST 2014: Call for Papers

43JAIIO - 43rd Argentine Conference on Informatics
1st, 2nd September, 2014
Universidad de Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

AST, the Argentine Symposium on Technology, provides an open forum for researchers and developers from industry and academia worldwide where they can present and discuss their research on computing technology and its applications.

Topics of Interest
In AST 2014 we expect to stress the theoretical and applied research results on the general area of Computer and Sensor Networks, Imaging and Multimedia Applications and Signal Processing. The topics of interest in AST 2014 include but are not limited to:

  • Digital Image and Video Processing
  • HDTV Applications
  • Multimedia Applications
  • Scientific Visualization
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Computer Vision
  • Human-computer interaction. Virtual set environments
  • Multi-sensor Imaging and Sensor Fusion
  • Wired and Wireless Networks
  • Applications of Computational Intelligence
  • Computer and Sensor networks
  • Information and Communication Theory
  • Optical and Satellite Communications
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Speech Processing, Speech Recognition and Speech Synthesis
  • Emotion Recognition, Affective Computing
  • Identification and Estimation
  • System Modeling and Simulation
  • Linear and Nonlinear Systems
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Bioinformatics
  • Medical Imaging
  • Embedded systems. FPGA and DSP implementations
  • Robotics

Program Co-Chairs

Dr. Mario Hueda (UNC-CONICET) 
Dr. Mónica G. Larese (UNR-CIFASIS-CONICET)

Program Committee

Dr. Albornoz, Enrique (UNL-CONICET)
Dr. Castro, Silvia (UNS)
Dr. Cerdá, Mauricio (SCIAN Lab-Univ. Chile)
Dr. Corral Briones, Graciela (UNC-CONICET)
Dr. D’Amato, Juan (UNICEN-CONICET)
Dr. Delrieux, Claudio (UNS)
Dr. Di Persia, Leandro (UNL-CONICET)
Dr. Finochietto, Jorge (UNC-CONICET)
Dr. Galarza, Cecilia (UBA-CONICET)
Dr. Giovaninni, Leonardo (UNL-CONICET)
Dr. Gómez, Juan C. (UNR-CIFASIS)
Dr. Granitto, Pablo (UNR-CIFASIS-CONICET)
Dr. Gregorio, Fernando (UNS-CONICET)
Dr. Kofman, Ernesto (UNR-CIFASIS-CONICET)
Dr. Martinez, Cesar (UNL-UNER)
Ing. Micolini, Orlando (UNC)
Dr. Milocco, Ruben (UNCo-CONICET)
Dr. Milone, Diego (UNL–CONICET)
Ing. Paolini, Eduardo (UNS-CIC)
Dr. Ponzoni, Ignacio (UNS-CONICET)
Dr. Rey Vega, Leonardo (UBA-CONICET)
Dr. Rufiner, Hugo L. (UNL-CONICET)
Dr. Schlotthauer, Gastón (UNER-CONICET)
Dr. Schmidt, Jorge (Univ. Vigo, España)
Dr. Sutter, Gustavo (UAM, España)
Dr. Stegmayer, Georgina (UTN FRSF-CONICET)
Dr. Storti, Mario (UNL-CIMEC-CONICET)
Dr. Terissi, Lucas (UNR-CIFASIS-CONICET)
Dr. Tinetti, Fernando (UNLP)
Dr. Torres, Humberto (LIS-CONICET)
Dr. Vignolo, Leandro (UNL-CONICET)

Invited lecturers
•    Dr. Marcelo Risk, Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA), "Modeling the cell membrane during electroporation".
•    Dr. Damián Morero, ClariPhy Argentina S.A., “Forward error correction for next-generation high-speed optical networks”.

Paper Submission

AST 2014 seeks original contributions, ranging from state-of-the-art academic research to industrial and business applications having a significant impact. The symposium will consist of invited talks and regular paper sessions presenting both mature work and new ideas in theoretical research and applications. Submissions are due before April 14, 2014. All papers will be peer-reviewed by at least two reviewers. The submission of manuscripts must follow the format available at:
The page limit for a full paper is 12 pages, in A4 format. All contributions should be submitted in PDF format. The papers should not include any running head or page numbering. For diffusion reasons, papers in English are strongly recommended although Spanish and Portuguese are also acceptable. Information on the format of the final copy will be forwarded with the acceptance letter. Each accepted paper should be presented in the symposium, and the presenter must be registered in the conference. Papers that do not fulfill this requirement will not be included in the Symposium Proceedings.
All the symposia at 43 JAIIO use SADIO's conference management system to handle submissions. To upload your contribution you first need to register and sign in. If you have any problems, check the detailed instructions about registration and submission.

Important Dates
April 30, 2014:     Deadline for paper submissions.
June 16, 2014:     Notification of Acceptance/Rejection
June 30, 2014:    Deadline for “camera-ready” submissions and author registration - Registration of at least one author for each accepted paper is required.
September 1, 2014:     Conference

For further information, please contact:
or refer to the website of JAIIO:


Invited Speakers:

Roberto Gamen
"Minería de datos y procesamiento de imágenes para el Nuevo Observatorio Virtual Argentino"

Marcelo Risk
"Modeling the cell membrane during electroporation"

Damián Morero
ClariPhy Argentina S.A.
"Forward error correction for next-generation high-speed optical networks"