Doctoral Consortium (IJCAI School)

ISSN 2362-5120

1 - 5 september 2014
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ph.D. students are cordially invited to apply to the Doctoral Consortium program to be held as  part of the IJCAI School , which this year will be co-located with the ASAI conference, Buenos  Aires, Argentina, September 1-5, 2014. The Doctoral Consortium in Artificial Intelligence 2014 is the first in the country of its kind. The event runs in parallel with the courses along the five days of the school, and will be structured in sessions of thesis abstracts presentations (oral and posters) with room for discussions. The Doctoral Consortium in Artificial Intelligence 2014 is the first in the country of its kind. The event runs in parallel with the courses along the five days of the school and will be structured in sessions of paper presentations (oral and posters) with room for discussions. The organizing committee is currently engaging the professors and lecturers of the courses and plenary talks to hold this event. The main target audience of the event is advanced doctoral students from Argentina and the Region working on topics of Artificial Intelligence. The objective of the event is to allow these students to benefit from a direct contact with leading international researchers in the area. The event contemplates an environment for a free exchange of ideas about each student's thesis work as well as future challenges of the area. Being part of the main School, students participating in the Consortium may participate in the courses and plenary talks of the IJCAI School.

Aims and Scope

The Doctoral Consortium (DC) will provide a very interesting opportunity for Ph.D. students to discuss their research interests, career objectives and funding opportunities with senior researchers with similar research interests. Some of the following researchers will lead the DC discussions: Prof. Ramón López de Mántaras (Spain), Prof. Fausto Giunchiglia (Italy), Prof. Eric Brown (IBM-USA), Prof. Steve Chien (USA), Prof. Qiang Yang (Hong Kong), Prof. Giancarlo  Guizzardi (Brazil), Dr. Blai Bonet (Venezuela), Prof. Huei Diana Lee (Brazil), Prof. Yves  Demazeau (France), as well as Argentine experts. It is intended for students who have a specific research proposal and some preliminary results, but have sufficient time prior to completing their dissertation to benefit from the consortium  experience. The DC will consist in daily meetings among a few selected students and senior researchers in related research areas.

The aims of the DC are:

  • to provide a forum for students to present their current research, and receive feedback from other students and senior researchers;
  • to promote contacts among PhD students working in similar areas;
  • to support students with information and advice on academic, research and industrial careers

  • Chair:
    Georgina Stegmayer – CIDISI-CONICET, Argentina

    Program Committee (confirmed thus far)
    Silvana Aciar – Instituto de informática, UNSJ – San Juan, Argentina
    Analia Amandi – ISISTAN (UNCPBA - CONICET) – Tandil, Argentina
    Gustavo Batista – Universidade de São Paulo – São Paulo, Brasil
    Ana Lucia Bazzan – INF / UFRGS – Porto Alegre, Brasil
    Renato Bobsin Machado - LABI / UNIOESTE  – Foz de Iguazú, Brasil
    Blai Bonet - LDC, Universidad Simón Bolivar - Venezuela
    Eric W. Brown - IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
    Carlos Chesñevar – UNS / CONICET – Bahía Blanca, Argentina
    Juan Manuel Corchado - Universidad de Salamanca, España
    Fabio Cozman - USP, Brazil
    Yves Demazeau - Laboratoire d'Informatique de Grenoble - Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique - Grenoble, France
    Wu Feng Chung - LABI / UNIOESTE  – Foz de Iguazú, Brasil
    Fausto Giunchiglia - DISI - Trento, Italia
    Daniela Godoy – ISISTAN, (UNCPBA / CONICET) – Tandil, Argentina
    Pablo Granitto – CIFASIS (UNR - CONICET) – Rosario, Argentina
    Giancarlo Guizzardi - UFES. Brasil
    Gabriela Henning - INTEC (UNL, CONICET) – Santa Fé, Argentina
    Huei Diana Lee – LABI / UNIOESTE  – Foz de Iguazú, Brasil
    Ana Maguitman – DCIC – UNS / CONICET – Bahía Blanca, Argentina
    Ramón López de Mántaras – IIIA / CSIC. Catalunia, España
    Diego Milone – FICH - UNL/CONICET
    Maria Carolina Monard - LABIC – São Carlos, Brasil
    Juan Pavón Mestras – Universidad Complutense Madrid, España
    Marcelo Pimenta – INF / UFRGS – Porto Alegre, Brasil
    Jaime Simao Sichman - POLI, USP, Brazil
    Solange Rezende – LABIC – São Carlos, Brasil
    Maria Cristina Riff – Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María Valparaíso -Chile
    Roberto Santana – Universidad del País Vazco - España

    IJCAI School 2014

    1 - 5 september 2014
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    The IJCAI School 2014 is the second of its kind sponsored by the International Joint Conferences of AI, with the first held in Beijing, China, during the summer of 2012. The Second School is being locally organized by the Argentinean Association of Artificial Intelligence (AAIA, a division of SADIO, the Argentine Society on Informatics), which is also in charge of the local organization of the IJCAI main conference to be held in Buenos Aires in 2015. A working name of the school is “AI: from theory to practice”, as our goal is to bring to 2014 a practical perspective on the technological possibilities of the field, backed by a strong theoretical foundation. We are currently considering a structure for the school that supports this perspective. It will consist of plenary talks from leading experts in different AI topics with strong experience on a practical, groundbreaking application; followed by one or two courses covering the theoretical foundations. From a local perspective, the school is expected to attract the focus of the International AI Community to the IJCAI main conference, and to raise the awareness of AI technologies and research in the local informatics community. Within the Argentinean and regional AI community, it is also a great opportunity for students and researchers alike to have a direct contact with some of the leading researchers in the field, a rare opportunity given our geographical and economical disadvantage.

    Organizing Committee Chairs:
    Facundo Bromberg – UTN - FRM/CONICET
    Silvia Schiaffino – ISISTAN (UNCPBA - CONICET)

    Organizing Committee Members
    Marcelo Armentano – ISISTAN (UNCPBA - CONICET)
    Daniela Godoy – ISISTAN (UNCPBA - CONICET)
    Pablo Granitto – CIFASIS (UNR - CONICET)
    Gabriela Henning - INTEC (UNL, CONICET)
    Ana Maguitman – DCIC – UNS/ CONICET
    Diego Milone – FICH - UNL/CONICET
    Ricardo Rodriguez – DC – FCEyN - UBA
    Guillermo Simari – DCIC – UNS/ CONICET
    Georgina Stegmayer – CIDISI – UTN – FRSF /CONICET
    Virginia Yannibelli – ISISTAN (UNCPBA - CONICET)