43 JAIIO - Doctoral Consortium IJCAI School 2014

Anales del Doctoral Consortium IJCAI School 2014

ISSN 2362-5120

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Grahl Pereira, A., Ritt, M., Buriol, L.
Solving Motion Planning Problems
Nicoletti, M.
A User Profiling Approach to Optimize the Production of Architectural Documentation
Moura Sekeff Budaruiche, R., Wassermann, R.
Using ontology to mine and classify Li-Fraumeni Syndrome patients
Rago, A.
Improving Requirements with NLP Techniques
Rodríguez Álvaro Soria Marcelo Campo, G.
From Software Architecture Descriptions to Object-Oriented Designs
Santana-Mansilla, P.
Software Agents for Personalized Training of Collaborative E-learning Teachers
López y Rosenfeld, M.
Research statement: Inference of human-computation algorithms from massive-scale educational interventions
Carrillo, F.
Research statement: Computational characterization of mental states: a natural language processing approach
de Santiago, R., Lamb, L.
Identifying Relationship Patterns Inside Communities
Diedrichs, A.
Prediction of frost location using machine learning and wireless sensor networks
Berdun, F.
Identification of Collaborative Skills with Serious Games
Roda, F.
Towards a semantic-based process supervision
Rojas Morales, N., Riff, M..
PhD. Subject: Strategies to Design Life-Long Learning Heuristic Based Algorithms
Romagnano, M., Aciar, S., Marchetta, M.
FiPaWeb: method to reduce the complexity of web search
Ferrarini Oliver, C., Aciar, S., Forradella, R.
POMDP planning for the creation of Service Packages